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All Your Logistics Needs In One Spot.

Last Mile Delivery

Backing up your e commerce business via our efficient door to door service.

Warehousing & Storage

Offering inventory management solution that allows you to store your goods prior delivery.

Cash Collection

Handling all the cash settlements related to your business smoothly via our swift drivers.

Returns Management

Collecting your customers’ returns and restock them back to your warehouse destination.

Exchange & Refunds

Streamlining the exchange and refunds process in accordance with your business policies.

Orders & Reports Management

Generating reports including all logistics details since the order is placed till it is delivered.

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Since 2015

JTL is a last mile delivery service, tailored for your business delivery needs through a seamless experience from door to door powered with speed, reliability & trust.
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Why Choose Us

Our Exceptional Features justify It All!



We are time-oriented as we are committed to deliver the orders within 24 hours or upon the scheduled timeframe.


We are transparent when it comes to pricing, our policies are also flexible when it comes to insurance, cancellation, and cashback charges.


We care about the simplest details, all orders are sealed in high quality packaging and delivered by competent riders.


We keen to be responsive to our customers’ inquiries and seek the solutions that best benefit their logistics needs.
How We Work

Seamless And Organized Steps From A To Z.


Picking Up Orders

Picking-up the packages from the merchants to the inventory storage.
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Warehousing Operation

Sorting the orders in our storages till they are proceeded for delivery.
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Packaging & Distribution

Orders are safely transferred to our distribution offices.
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Transportation Process

Orders are finally transported to the customers’ doorsteps.
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We Cover All Of Egypt!

Whenever you are ready, we will be ready to pick up and deliver your orders from any location around Cairo or Alexandria and soon we will expand our branches in other governorates.

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